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Who's the MUSEman?I'm an over-21, monozygotic, sinistral, Sun sign of average build with an Engineering education who's shy, conservative, loyal, devoted, appreciates the obvious, considers both sides of a discussion, thinks outside of the box, likes hot showers, warm women, and cold beverages, has trouble taking a hint, and is not afraid of run-on sentences. While I definitely don't live in a nice area of New England, I know where many of them are and try to visit them often, preferably in a sports car with the top down on a hot summer day.
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When I started this site, I had a small pile of content, a bit of free time, almost no idea how to code in HTML 4, CSS, and JavaScript, and even less knowlege in blogs, forums, feedback forms, or website management. After spending a couple weeks of coding and more time launching the site I'm still not sure if I've learned anything, but, as one of my bosses was fond to say: "Just get something out there and we can always fix it later." (naturally, "fixing it" never ever made it to the boss's "To Do" list...)

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