Biden’s Profound Prescience on Today’s Unrest?

Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has been in politics since 1970, and was the fifth youngest senator in history when elected in 1972. With fifty years in politics under his belt – including eight as Vice President of the United States – he’s bound to have some insightful comments.

Here are just a couple:

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Video Killed the “Hope and Change” Star?

This can’t possibly be true: Former (P)resident Obama admitting he was born in Kenya, and not the United States, making his entire (P)residency illegal under the United States Constitution?
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KCBD 11, Lubbock TX, Gets COVID-19 Right!

No big long intro here, just a big tip of my Red Sox cap to TV Station KCBD 11 of Lubbock TX, for providing a chart which summarizes the SARS-CoVID-19 Virus threat in a concise, simple, and relatable way:


Caption: COVID-19 Stats in one simple chart.

How does YOUR town, city, county, or state compare with Lubbock County Texas? And, if we could calculate this chart for the entire country how might it affect everything which has transpired over the last 5 months?

Thanks for Reading!

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Your Video Lesson Plan for Today: Government & Civics.

With Summer on the wane and parents gearing up for what will hopefully be the start of another school year it seems only fitting that students gradually ease back into learning. To that end I present the “Video Lesson Plan for Today“, a series of three short videos designed to increase one’s knowledge of Civics and Government in these United States.

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COVID-19 Hits MLB Fans!


With a big tip of my Red Sox cap to “lisa a” of Texas for the meme!

Thanks for Reading! (and, thanks Lisa!)

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