Happy Thanks Giving for One-Day Socialism!

Ah, Thanksgiving!

The day when family and friends gather (preferably without travelling long distances, in groups of 10 or less, individuals spaced 6 feet apart, and wearing masks except while eating) to enjoy copious amounts of food and drink supplied by and indulged by each according to their abilities, desires, or needs while giving thanks for all their blessings, and followed by the menfolk relaxing on the leather sofa, belts undone and right hand partially installed under the belt line “Al Bundy style” while claiming to watch the football game despite being fast asleep from the effects of tryptophan.

Wait a minute…”supplied by and indulged by each, according to their abilities, desires, or needs“? Isn’t that “Socialism”? Or, “Marxism“?

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Let’s All Sing the Sitcom Song!

It’s no secret that former (P)resident Obama and his wife Michelle have signed a lucrative deal with Netflix – who supports the former (P)resident – to have them broadcast works by their “Higher Ground Productions” production company. And, while I’m sure they have a number of projects slated for production here’s one that revives a groundbreaking, left-wing, 1970′s sitcom and gives it a fresh, new look that mirrors current affairs: Continue reading

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It’s a Coup! But, by who?

Contributor “Allahpundit” of the website Hot Air, citing a brace of Liberal Writers from other Liberal news sources in an excellent display of Orwellian “Groupthink“, writes today that President Trump’s legal team is executing a “coup d’etat“. Apparently, they must be doing this by taking every legal means at their disposal to challenge what appears to clearly be a Presidential Election gone sideways thanks to dark alley shenanigans by a few Democrat-controlled states.

Mr. Pundit called today’s press conference by Trump’s legal team “The most disgraceful episode in American politics of my lifetime, bar none.” and asked the non-rhetorical question:

“Who wants to try to end American democracy knowing that the effort is all but guaranteed to fail and then have to face the consequences for even attempting it?”

An excellent question Allahpundit! Let me answer that… Continue reading

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“Stop, Drop, and Roll”!

It seems not only is are those three words the best thing to do if you suddenly find yourself on fire, but also the best way to illegally win if your Presidential Candidate’s election chances are also going up in flames.

Jim and Joe Hoft of the website Gateway Pundit explain in this simple but effective video just how the Democrats apparently used a Drop and Roll” strategy to compromise the 2020 Presidential Election:

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Quotes of the Day, the Hemming Way.

Autumn has come and gone where I live, and soon my least favorite part of Summer will arrive – “Winter”.

The Earth, locked in orbit through infinite space around the Sun (the number one source of “Global Warming” and “Climate Change”…but, I digress) and inclined on it’s axis, reliably provides us with the cycle of Seasons representing Birth, Growth, Life, and Death.

It’s a life cycle that’s everywhere you look: The Bible, Societies, Countries, Relationships, Marriages, Corporations, Money, Machinery…you name it. And, it’s not only unavoidable but, unfortunately, finite.

So, in this autumnal period where not only the Earth but nearly everyone I’ve come in contact with the past week or so is experiencing a “death” of sorts – physical, emotional, financial, or otherwise – I offer these these two quotes from the Nobel Prize winning author, journalist, and sportsman Earnest Hemingway:

The Pessimistic Quote:

“Madame, all stories, if continued far enough, end in death, and he is no true-story teller who would keep that from you.”
- Author Ernest Hemingway, “Death in the Afternoon”

The Optimistic Quote:

“Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today.”
- Author Ernest Hemingway, “For Whom the Bell Tolls”

So, to everyone out there, yes, it’s pretty bad right now, but do the things you know are right and it will eventually all work out. And, please don’t use the Hemingway solution.

Thanks for Reading!

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