Those Liberals aren’t having a “TEA Party”

In the wake of the Woman’s March on Washington shortly after President Trump’s inauguration some media outlets began writing about an emerging Liberal protest movement reminiscent of the Conservative “TEA Party” rallies during Mr. Obama’s first term as President – with some even using the phrase “Liberal tea party“.

However, that phrase – “Liberal tea party” – doesn’t seem to correctly describe such groups: The “TEA” in “TEA Party” stood for “Taxed Enough Already!”. Short, sweet, tangible, and couched in history, it was an early rallying cry for groups of hard-working, respectful, peace-loving, law-abiding, predominantly Middle Class Americans who were tired of watching their tax money go towards ObamaCare, crony capitalism, welfare fraud, and government waste, which later expanded to include those upset at the erosion of America’s core values and government politicians either unwilling to fix them (Republicans) or bent on destroying them (Democrats).

Liberals, on the other hand, don’t want lower taxes, but instead higher taxes on their way to realizing a Progressive Socialist Borderless Democratic Society. We’ve witnessed how many of these protesters are loud, disruptive, disrespectful, non-inclusive, and in some cases, violent and destructive: The same kind of behavior the real TEA Party groups were accused of displaying.

It’s a label that simply doesn’t fit. And, by using the very same label as Conservatives – “TEA Party” – the Liberals dilute it, thereby diluting its’ true meaning.

What these Liberal protest groups really need is their own short, sweet, tangible, catchy label…and preferably, couched in history. So, here are some modest suggestions, in no particular order:

  • SOROS = Support Our Revolution Of Socialism!
  • MASS = Make/Making America Socialist Soon
  • DOPE = Destroy Our Presidential System
  • BRAT = Barack’s Requesting Agitators Tantrum
  • TANTRUM = Take Action Now To… (haven’t quite figured this out yet;-)
  • SOB = Save Our Benefits!
  • SAW = Save Our Welfare!
  • POS = Protect Our Socialism!
  • DUMB = Don’t Undo My Benefits / Don’t Underestimate Mob Brutality
  • ATE = Always Taking Everything

Hmmm… “Always Taking Everything”…such as always taking away our tax money, and trying to take away the 2nd Amendment, biological gender, enforcement of laws they don’t like, our national border, pride in America’s accomplishments, Capitalism….?

I’ve got it! How about these?

  • TEA = Taking Everything Away
  • TEA = Thugs Extorting America(ns)

Well I’ll be: “TEA” might actually be an appropriate label. But certainly not “party”: Perhaps I should come up with another list of candidates ;-)

Thanks for reading!

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Greetings from Super Bowl Hell…

At least the 1st Circle, anyway. The Patriots are losing late in the second quarter, and the loudest guy in the sports bar I’m watching the game in is probably the biggest, most obnoxious, Ney York Giants fan on the face of the earth.

Of course, the Halftime Show hasn’t started yet, so I suspect Lady Gaga’s performance (aka: “implied political statement“) may cause me to drop one or two more Circles (possibly the 3rd Circle, as there’s a buffet).

And, if the Pats can’t pull off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, I’m wondering which mainstream news outlet will proudly opine that they lost because:

(a) Tom Brady & Robert Kraft openly support President Trump,

(b) the AFC East is weak, or

(c) “global warming”

(which, frankly, wouldn’t surprise me, as they are already at the 9th Level ;-)

Thanks for reading!

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About those NFL Championship Games…

First of all, congratulations to the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons for their decisive wins last Sunday: It’s looking to be an exciting Championship game!

But, did anybody else notice that in each of those game the winning score was twice the losing score plus 2?

Or: 2x + 2?

On the 22nd of January?

It’s probably just a coincidence, rather than “Russian Hacking” or game fixing; and, I’m sure numerologists, mathematicians, and/or conspiracy theorists might be able to find other references to “2″ upon further research (which I’m not going to do ;-)

As for next week’s Super Bowl, I only want to see one “2″ – and by that I mean “12″ – win another Championship for the New England Patriots!

Thanks for reading! (and, GO PATS!)

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My Hopes for President Trump

Now that Donald J. Trump is officially America’s 45th President of the United States, I want to offer my hearty and heartfelt congratulations. I also wish him the best during the next (hopefully) four years, as there are many groups with entrenched, vested interests who will work very hard to try and preserve them at the expense of his Presidency.

I applaud Obama’s gracious act (with perhaps just a touch of ego included, as is his habit) of offering Trump some advice – and fully expect the former (P)resident to speak out often and loudly whenever he believes Trump needs more “helpful advice”. However, I believe Trump could learn a lot not just from Obama, but from a number of former Democrat Presidents.

And so, here’s what I hope President Trump learns from past Democrat Presidents:

  • I hope that President Trump doesn’t kill thousands of innocent civilians with nuclear weapons…as Democrat President Truman did – twice – despite knowing the Japan was within days of surrendering.
  • I hope President Trump has enough respect for the Office – and more importantly his wife – to not commit adultery, especially in the White House…unlike Democrat Presidents William “BJ” Clinton and John F. Kennedy.
  • I hope President Trump doesn’t deny the legal immigration of law-abiding, productive people simply because of their nationality or religion…unlike Democrat Presidents Roosevelt (Jews), Truman (Germans), and Carter (Iranians)
  • I hope if President Trump promises military support to people fighting for democracy he keeps his word…unlike Democrat President Kennedy during the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

Of course, there are probably many more lessons Trump could learn from Democrat Presidents – but, I want to leave him plenty of time to Make America Great Again :-)

Thanks for reading!

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Here’s Your Trump Prescription!

With less than one week before the United States of America swears in Donald J. Trump as its’ 46th President, some of the people who voted for his campaign opponents – especially Hillary Rodham Clinton – might feel a bit unwell.

(And, by “some people”, I’m referring to Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Illegal Aliens, Welfare Cheats, Self-aggrandizing Democrat Politicians, Global Warming Alarmists, most of the Hollywood Elitists, Obscenely-rich Globalists, “Basement Dwellers“, “Taco Bowls“, “Special Snowflakes“, “Community Organizers“, Wall Street Occupiers, Dead Chicago Voters, and, of course, Illegal Voters nationwide because “Every Vote Counts”…but, I digress)

It’s a feeling I can relate to: I honestly and completely believed in my heart the 2003 Boston Red Sox were going to win the ALCS against the “Evil Empire” New York Yankees – until, at the last minute, Manager Jimy Williams decided to keep Pedro Martinez in the game, which the Sox eventually lost in extra innings. The next day I called in sick, not because of my non-existent  hangover, but from the illness-inducing realization that just because I wanted the Sox to win, I believed they could win, I was praying they’d win, and that they were actually winning didn’t guarantee they would. (If you’re a Yankees fan, just substitute the 2004 ALCS to feel instantly worse.)

My day off gave me time to reflect and remember it’s just a game, everybody wants to win, there can only be one winner, the winner may not be you, there’s always another game, and it pays to be a good sport for the sake of the game – you know, all those things I learned as a kid from my parents and gym teachers. The kind of things some people may have forgotten.

So, if you voted for Hillary Clinton, who everybody-and-their-Mother believed would win the election hands down in a landslide, or you voted for Bernie “My Wife Bankrupted A College” Sanders, Jill “Bulldozer Graffitti Artist” Stein, or Gary “Where is Allepo?” Johnson, and your having problems coping with Trump’s victory, then I’ve got just the prescription for you:

Simply pick the symptom(s) which best describes you to discover your 2017 prescription for wellness.

If this Describes You…

…perhaps this remedy will help: (click image to enlarge)

Despite stating I’m a calm, passive, peace-loving Liberal, Trump’s election makes me want to scream, shout, show defiance, be completely uncooperative and subvert the political process and established laws until I get my way. Label for the "drug" TRUMTANTRIUM
After 40 years of the Clinton’s political intrigue, shady investments, adulterous behavior, failed foreign policy, theft of government property, and a bunch of mysterious yet timely deaths I find it difficult to act like a normal, moral, upstanding, responsible person. Label for the "drug" DECLINTOX
I simply can’t accept the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the election, even though she put sensitive government information on a personal server which was hacked, failed to campaign in Wisconsin and Michigan, exhibited numerous health problems, engaged in pay-for-play while Secretary of State, ran a shady “Charitable Foundation”, oversaw a failed foreign policy which destabilized at least four countries and resulted in the death of a US Ambassador, and wore pantsuits: Obviously, it was Russian Hacking! Label for the "drug" LIBSULOSTITOL
Liberals claim to embrace diversity, promote inclusion, champion equality, and practice tolerance, yet when Liberals stereotype me as being “Deplorable”, it makes me feel marginalized, excluded, and untolerated. Label for the "drug" DEPLORITOL
I’m almost at the point of a complete mental breakdown after watching how my Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders was systematically destroyed by the coordinated efforts of the Democratic National Committee, the Clinton Campaign, and the Mainstream Media! Label for the "drug" SANDERTORIUM
After eight years of Barack Hussein Obama’s targeting of Christians, Conservatives, Caucasians, Legal Gun Owners, the Police, financially successful people, conventional energy sources, and Israel, along with his failed foreign, health care, immigration, and economic policies, I’m feeling physically weak, emotionally drained, mentally frustrated, and economically less secure. Label for the "drug" BARRYUM
I want to Make America Great Again for every legal US resident regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sexual persuasion, or political affiliation – including those hypocritical Liberals – by helping to  protect America’s best interests, enforce immigration & election laws, reduce waste, fraud, and corruption, preserve our Constitutional Rights, and create more jobs. Label for the "drug" MAGA-nesium

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These non-existent products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Thanks for reading!

(oh, and remember: those images are Copyrighted :-)

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