Sun of Proxy

As I took a break from being elbow-deep in stuff like this and enjoyed a sip of my alcohol-free 100% fruit juice sans tiny cocktail umbrella I felt just a little jealous of all those who will be enjoying sun, sand, and water this weekend.

Perhaps this weekend, in a show of support, I’ll try on my Hawaiian shirt, Bermuda shorts, Chinese flip-flops, and requisite Red Sox hat, relax in my (garaged) convertible, close my eyes, and listen for the ocean. In the meantime, all you beachgoers everywhere can be my proxies…postcards and lemonade optional.

Thanks for reading!

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This Packaging S*cks!

A package of low-cut socks purchased from my favorite “forever-soon-to-be-bankrupt“* store J.C. Penney contained an interesting and amusing conflict:

(Click image to enlarge)

So, I guess the only way to get any stains out would be to wear the socks in a swimming pool?

*Seems like almost every year for the past 10 years the economic experts have predicted – incorrectly – the imminent demise of J.C. Penney, one of America’s oldest department stores. But, with the bankruptcies of both Kmart and Sears Holdings, each one of America’s oldest department chains, plus Penney’s bad performance during the 2019 Holiday Season, they may actually be correct for 2020.

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Could it be… Baron Von Trumphausen?

History tells us of one Karl Friedrich Hieronymus, Freiherr von Münchhausen, also known as Baron von Münchhausen, whose (supposedly) exciting and incredible adventures became the subject of Rudolf Erich Raspe’s 1785 book “Baron Munchausen’s Narrative of His Marvellous Travels and Campaigns in Russia.” His stories were made into a lavish film by Germany during World War II (and, banned in the USA due to it’s National Socialist undertones), and then remade – again in equally spectacular fashion – by Terry Gilliam in 1983 (which included an uncredited performance by the late Robin Williams).

Hmmm… A well-dressed raconteur? Lavish lifestyle? A Russia connection? Nationalist Germany? By golly, we could be experiencing a modern day Baron Von Munchhausen…President Trump!

The Trumpster’s similarities with the Baron are positively uncanny:

  • Occasionally comes off as arrogant and impatient despite being intelligent and well-spoken
  • Surrounds himself with capable people
  • Ultimately defeated both the entrenched Establishment and violent radicals of Islam.

But, unlike the Baron – whose stories were considered so hyperbolic and exaggerated that a medical syndrome having the same characteristics bears his name – Donald Trump actually uses his Munchhausen-like qualities to achieve more accomplishments as President than any other President since Ronald Reagan.

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Media Quote of the Day

“There is no Truth in news and no news in Truth”
- Old Soviet-era saying*

(*The major, government-controlled news paper in the old Soviet Union was Pravda – or, “Truth”)

I wonder what’s worse:

Just wondering…and, Thanks for reading!

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I’m a Random Ramblin’ Man!

After a long absence (culminating in my web host provider “seamlessly” migrating their sites from one set of servers to another ;-) ) from blogging I decided I had enough time between watching the Pats & Bruins and waiting for Spring Training that some rambling was in order.

And so…

  • A long time ago my Dad told me that “All the nice women are taken, the only way you can get one is to steal one away.” Now, as disclaimer to calm all the easily-offended, he didn’t mean actual kidnapping: He meant I needed to be more successful, clever, charming, “capable”, and powerful – and, honest, of course. After all these years of trying I suspect he was right …but, it still hasn’t stopped me from being a “Helpless Romantic“.
  • While emptying out my dishwasher it suddenly dawned on me: Instead of emptying out the dishwasher into the cabinets and then putting dirty kitchenware into the dishwasher, why not just have TWO dishwashers? Just take the clean items out of one, dirty them up, and move them to the other one. Added bonus: Remove all the cabinets, and just install a two-sink counter between the two dishwashers. (Drat!…seems I’m not the first to think of this :-( )
  • Apparently, the worst movie ever made may no longer be Kevin Costner’s “Waterworld” (where the best part of the movie was the trailer voiced by the legendary Don LaFontaine) or Ed Wood’s 1959 so-bad-it’s-good “Plan 9 From Outer Space“: It might be “Playmobil, The Movie”, which rated a 17% on the site “Rotten Tomatoes” and earned only $281 per theater during its’ opening weekend. Perhaps they were framed by Roger Rabbit?
  • Congratulations to New England’s professional sports teams – the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics – for a great dynasty of 12 World Championships over the last 20 years. Here’s hoping the greatness continues! (And, for those who accuse the Pats of “cheating” – especially NY and Baltimore fans – check out this site.)

BTW: If you’d like to see some of my daily sarcastic and occasionally facetious website comments you can find me in the Comments Section of some popular Conservative websites who don’t mind comments from a source they can’t identify by name and address.

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