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FYI: Interesting Wealth Redistribution Fact

Instead of Uncle Sam, what if you got your COVID-19 Relief Check from the richest people in the USA? Continue reading

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“Face Masks DON’T Work, Reports CDC”…WHAT?!?

Heard that face masks DON’T work? Read more here, use some Common sense, and judge for yourself. Continue reading

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Standing Up for Viral Humor.

I’ve been sitting down for so long I thought I’d try working on my “Stand Up”…let me know how I did ;-) Continue reading

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We’re “Warriors of the Wastland”, Said Frankie

Did Frankie’s 1986 song predict today’s viral situation? (And, no, I’m not talking about’s “Frankie”!) Continue reading

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Former FBI Dir. Comey Sings “The Perjury Trap”

General Flynn wasn’t caught in a “tender trap”, but a “Perjury Trap”: Is it now time for the FBI to SING? Continue reading

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