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Get Your Vaccine, Maxine.

With COVID-19 vaccinations being rolled out a classic Donald Fagen song came to mind…let’s all sing along! Continue reading

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Has the Flu Finally Flown the COVID Coop?

Has COVID-19 “cured” the Influenza Virus? Or has the flu simply flown? Look at the numbers from the CDC. Continue reading

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WHO’s “Herd” about Immunity?

A corollary of Murphy’s Law states “The only thing that’s constant is change.” Here’s an example provided by Dr. Eli David, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at DeepCube: See if you can spot the

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Quote of the Day?

A Quote of the Day which might even cause Pinky and The Brain dismay? Continue reading

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Holidays are a Time for Giving! (2020)

Does 2020 have you stuck inside AND stuck for a Christmas gift? Check out some gifts I [DON'T] want to get. Continue reading

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