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COVID Infections Spike While Deaths Plummet

Chicken Little exclaimed “The sky is falling!”. The Boy cried “Wolf!”. And, the CDC is yelling “COVID-19 spike!” Continue reading

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Cartoon: Just Following Orders

A dose of humor in this age of vaccination. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Reparations? Here’s to YOU, Mr. Robinson!

It’s a video you should watch before the censors take it down: Why “reparations” are a bad idea. Continue reading

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I Choose the Freedom of Others’ Conformities

I was going to write about Conformity and Freedom of Choice, but I chose to let others write it for me. Continue reading

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The MLB’s “Living Wage” Problem? Solved!

Recently, Red Sox announcers asked why Minor League players didn’t get a “living wage”. Let’s check the math. Continue reading

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