Hello World!

Or, more appropriately, “Hello WordPress!”

You see, until now, those (precious) few of you who have found this page by serendipity or intent have been greeted with a simple page declaring my intent to install WordPress® into this “landing page” of my website. And, for awhile there, I wasn’t sure if I was going to install it at all, for a number of reasons: (1) Although I’m always eager to give my opinion when given the chance, I much prefer the give-and-take afforded by a interpersonal exchange rather than opining on events to the impersonal web; (b) I wasn’t sure if my free and very generous web host allowed WordPress on FREE accounts, and (3) While it’s easy to create a WordPress account and blog, it’s a little more difficult to shoehorn WordPress into a page of a website you’ve already built.

As it turns out, my website host doesn’t mind if their free accounts include a blog, and, thanks to this tutorial by WordPress and an excellent video tutorial by “Website Design 411″, there is now one more potential waste of space springboard of intellect on the internet.

So, “Welcome!” to WordPress, and especially to you for stopping by and reading my first post. Sure, you’re just been exposed to my unsolicited side effects©… but there’s no need for concern: You’re not being exposed to full-body scanning, the banality of the mainstream press, or the obfuscation of management-speak: Rather, it’s to the unscheduled, random occurrences of my unsolicited side effects, aka: my blogcapaciousness.

I may wax nostalgically about halcyon days, meekly boast of an accomplishment or two, take to the soapbox for prolix pontification, or possibly point out someoverwhelmingly obvious observation, but I hope it’s entertaining and has a simulating, preferably pleasing, effect. Oh yeah: And I’ll try to cut down on the alliterations from now on.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. MUSEman says:

    Looks like the “Leave a Reply” portion works too… Now I just have to come up with some more interesting blog postings ;-)

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