A Fortune on TEA (Party)

I freely admit I’m a creature of habit. And one of my habits is to finish a meal at my favorite Chinese buffet by reading the fortune, playing one lottery ticket with the six numbers written on the back, and then tossing out the fortune. It’s a method that’s proven remarkably consistent for me over the years – I’ve never won any money at all, period.

However, after reading the fortune from my last (tasty!) meal I immediately thought of the TEA Party:

"The man who rows the boat doesn't have time to rock it."

Perhaps the TEA Party movement is evolving by working within the system to effect real change, or maybe TEA Party supporters are working so hard to avoid being bankrupted by “Hope & Change” to vigorously advocate their cause. But, on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th, 2012, most businesses and bars are closed, so there’s no need to “row the boat” – and, plenty of time to “rock it” at the polls.

*Not that the “fortune cookie” method provides any meaningful statistical advantage of winning: Six number randomly written on a fortune are, statistically, just as random as those assigned by a quick pick” at a convenient store. Although, Chinese food is better than convenient store fare, so perhaps I’ve won psychologically ;-) And while I’ve digressed… at least this time it’s in the footnote.

Thanks for reading!

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