So Wrong… those Party Logos!

After viewing the latest (and, as usual, excellent) online campaign ad by the Republican National Committee, I noticed the GOP’s new, streamlined logo used at the end of the video:

(the new GOP logo)
Is it just me, or does it appear their new logo incorporates the “wrong end” of the elephant?

This observation is no reflection on the Grand Old Party, or it’s platform, candidates, or supporters… just an observation.

While I’m on the subject (and, in the interest of fairness), that new logo by the Democratic National Committee has always reminded me of an automobile’s automatic transmission:

(the DNC logo) inspired by (PRNDL graphic, typical)

Once again, just an observation.

Perhaps in an effort to “dumb-down” their respective logos our major political parties have “out-dumbed” themselves.

BTW: Here’s that new campaign ad, in case you’re curious:

(The DNC and RNC logos presented here are the property of their respective owners. The transmission graphic is from DuraTech Industries. All are used for editorial comment only.)

Thanks for reading!

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