Memorial Day 2022

Arlington National Cemetary, Summer 2019, Caisson Platoon
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As we celebrate Memorial Day with family and friends at parades, baseball games, and backyard barbeques, let’s not forget to give thanks and remembrance to all the military men and women who gave their last full measure of devotion in service to their country – and to all the service people and their families who sacrifice every day to keep our Nation – and many more millions around the world – free.

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Headline: Military Funeral Honors with Funeral Escort for U.S. Navy Cmdr. James. B. Mills in Section 60
Credit: U.S. Army photo by Elizabeth Fraser
Caption: The 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) Caisson Platoon travels between Sections 60 and 65 of Arlington National Cemetery following a funeral, Arlington, Virginia, June 24, 2019.
Details: United States Navy Commander James B. Mills and his pilot James Bauder were declared missing in action during the Vietnam War after their F-4B Phantom fighter jet disappeared from radar on Sept. 21, 1966. The remains of Cmdr. Mills were positively identified in June 2018, 52 years after his aircraft was shot down.

Photo taken in color and turned to black-and-white using Photoshop. Writer/Editor: Elizabeth Fraser. Copyright Flag: False

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