Minnesoda Makes Frei Edukashun Elegull!

As if banning imported United States flags wasn’t bad enough, Neil McAllister of The Register reports that the State of Minnesota now wants Coursera, a provider of absolutely free, online, university-level study courses, to receive “authorization” from the State prior to providing such services, in the interest of consumer protection: I guess the state’s afraid consumers might not get their money’s worth from the free course(s) they might take, or, that they’ll get ripped off financially.

Translation? As Mr. McAllister duly notes in his article, Minnesota wants to collect fees from Coursera and the institutions they do business with.

And that’s hardly surprising, given the Democrat Party’s control of Minnesota’s House and Senate from roughly 1971 to 2008, which has resulted in Minnesota having one of the worst budget deficits in the country in 2011.

Perhaps Minnesota should consider allowing the import of foreign-made United States flags – after charging importers and retailers an appropriate fee to “protect the consumer”, of course. It’s something I’m sure they’ll do… right after I run a spell check on the the title of this blog entry (although, I do believe I spelled “frei” correctly)!

Thanks for reading!

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