Supercentenarians for Obama!

The Carolina Transparency, a service of the John W. Pope Civitas Institute, reports that as of today, 647,927 votes have already been cast in North Carolina for the upcoming Presidential Election on November 6th…
…including 1,252 votes by people who are 112 years old, who collectively live in four of the most heavily-contested counties in this election cycle. (Oh, and 70% of those votes are for Democrats).

Now, before we don the tinfoil hats or toss around accusations of voter intimidation, election fraud, or ballot manipulation, the “112 Yr Old” classification could just be a catch-all for ballots where age is not given, unknown, or undecipherable… after all, if there actually were 1,252 supercentenarians in North Carolina they would represent about 4,100% of the total number of known supercentenarians 112 years old or older as of 2010.

Still, it is nice to know that people are getting out the vote.

Thanks for reading!

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