ObamaCare’s Future Foretold? (Part II)

Awhile back (actually, WordPress® reports “September 13, 2012″), I wrote about how Britain’s National Health System hospitals being on the “brink of collapse” might foretell America’s future under ObamaCare. Now, not only does Great Britain’s healthcare system have overworked doctors (presumably due to a lack of new doctors), but now Britain’s General Medical Council reports that doctor complaints by patients have hit a new record, and also that 98% of 1,394 doctors examined over the last five years were silently suffering from mental health, substance abuse, or alcoholism issues. To top it off, according to Dr. Max Henderson of King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry, there’s a possibility of “several thousand more” doctors who may be hiding psychiatric problems out of fear or castigation by colleagues.

(Personally, I’ve never had a doctor who appeared to be drunk, stoned, mentally disturbed, or “burned out”. However, doctors who jumped to a diagnosis after 30 seconds, misdiagnosed, overcharged, or double-billed? That’s another story entirely…but, I digress.)

Now, before we self-medicate by taking a few “medicinal shots“, consider that there are about 237,000 licensed doctors in the UK – so, “several thousand” is only about 3% of the total: Not too big – unless you happen to get one of them, then it’s about 100% of the total.

Let’s see: Nationalized healtcare –> fewer doctors –> overworked doctors –> more patients complaining about their doctors –> doctors burning out –> doctors having mental, drug, or alcohol problems. Hmmm… that would never happen now that America has ObamaCare, right? And even if it did, it’s probably only going to be about 3%… right?

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