So Wrong? Religious Bathroom Art

When it comes to religious / artistic expression I don’t mind the occasional lawn Jesus, backyard Madonna*, or Baby Jesus with the Holy Hand Grenade… and, I certainly don’t mind when an expression of dubious distinction meets it’s match; to wit:

Old and busted:

  • 1987: Artist Andres Serrano, using a taxpayer-funded grant from the National Endowment of the Arts, photographs a Christ on the Cross submerged in a jar of his own urine, proclaiming the work as “art” (shown here, may be NSFW due to graphic images of the artwork and violence by rioting Christian fundamentalists).

Exciting and New!

  • 2012: Talk show host Glenn Beck, using his own money, submerges a bobble-head doll of Barack Hussein Obama  in a jar of his own urine (actually, beer), proclaiming the work as “art” (see here, comments are NSFW) …and, “yours” for only $25,000.

Curiously Disturbing:

  • 2011: An anonymous artist, in response to an attack on Serrano’s photograph in Avignon, France by “Christian fundamentalists“, releases a photograph of a resurrecting Christ seemingly submerged in urine (see here), proclaiming it “as a rejection of Andres Serrano’s profiteering” – and, just in time for Easter!

(Frankly, I’m surprised no one considered such an “artistic” treatment for the Baby Jesus – considering the time of year and the propensity of infants to use diapers ;)
* Have you noticed how backyard Virgin Marys seem to survive catastrophic fires, explosions, and tornadoes virtually unscathed? You know there’s more than “luck” involved there!

Thanks for reading!

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