“Actiontown” is Here!

Those of you following this blog already know I recently teased you about “Actiontown” – a game map I wrote for the completely free, open-source game “Cube 2: Sauerbraten“. But, for those seeing this for the first time here’s the obligatory screen shot and description:

Downtown "Actiontown"!

(click to enlarge)

Actiontown: With the clock approaching midnight on a warm Summer night, the subway pulls into it’s last stop for the evening – “Actiontown” – a town small enough to be just about anywhere in the USA but large enough to have a fancy computer store, power plant, water treatment facility, Union Hall, and even the State’s Capitol! As you stop by the local fast food joint for a “4th Meal” things seem a little too quiet: Better forgo that taco and reach for your shotgun.

Despite receiving lukewarm reviews by the Sauerbraten community, if you like a large, multiplayer map having an urban theme with plenty to explore – and your computer is set up for gaming – then I invite you to check out a gallery of screenshots, or visit my “Cube Maps” page for a full description of the map along with a link to download it.

Oh, and a BIG tip of the (Red Sox) cap to the major videogame developer who’s already taken a look at it.

Thanks for reading!

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