Check Out my Huge Package!

Ok, so maybe the headline’s a bit too sensational and exaggerative – but, I was told I might attract more readers if my headlines were less esoteric or obtuse, and what better time to find out?

You see, after opening my package of “Ubiquinol CoQ10” manufactured by Factor Nutrition Labs I marveled at it’s sheer length and girth; to wit:

UBQ030  Packaging - Teardown

Man, talk about a really impressive package! (or, excessive, depending on your point of view)

Now, I’m sure “Ubiquinol CoQ10″ is a perfectly fine product that works as advertised, and I appreciate its’ packaging might be necessary to accommodate FDA, anti-theft, automatic packaging machine, or Marketing Department requirements. Still, I find the packaging for “Ubiquinol CoQ10″ just a bit, well… “ubiquitous“.

Here’s hoping the same doesn’t hold true for your Xmas gifts.  ;-)

Thanks for reading!

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