My Two Favorite Xmas Gifts (of 2012).

I want to extend a heartfelt “thanks” to all my Family and Friends for the lovely Christmas gifts I received this year – not just the material gifts, but also the gifts of Friendship, Hospitality, Sentiment, and, of course, well-stocked bars ;-)

And, I especially want to thank the people responsible for the two most “unusual” gifts of the 2012 Christmas Season – gifts worthy of my 2012 Gift Recommendations!

It's "Emergency Underpants"! Archie McPhie’s Emergency Underpants!

It’s a product good enough to make #5 on’s list of “The Top 10 Stupid Gifts of 2012” – although, in my book they’d easily make #1 or #2*!

The BBQ Sword!

BBQ Sword!

It’s a gift fit for Zorro, Robin Hood, or Captain Blood – provided they appreciate BBQ as much as shish-kebab. This convenient tool allows you to satisfy your inner swashbuckler and inner hunger almost simultaneously. And, the included mask helps to shield your true identity from the neighbors!

Oh, and by-the-way: If it’s a choice between Chifley’s Instant Eggnog Mix and Rice Dream’s “Rice Nog“, I suggest choosing Chifley’s (unless you’re lactose intolerant – then, I suggest heading straight for the brandy!) ;-)

(The Author acknowledges the various Copyrights and Trademarks used throughout this article are the property of their respective holders.)

*This is “inuendo”…and so is the product, under certain circumstances…which itself is inuendo.

Thanks for reading!

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