A Joke about the Homeless

President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Mitt Romney are walking down the street in Washington, D.C. when they come upon a homeless person with a sign reading “NEED WORK!”.

Mitt Romney gave the person his business card and said “Stop by my office and we’ll see about getting you a job. He then reached into his pocket and gave the person $30 saying “Get yourself a good meal and a nice haircut, and may God bless you”.

Hillary was impressed, so when they came upon another homeless person a few blocks away she decided to help. She gave the person directions to the nearest welfare office, then reached into Mitt Romney’s pocket and took out $30. She kept $20 for her administrative fee and taxes and gave the person $10 saying “I still have $73,000 of campaign debt from my 2008 Presidential run – could you please visit my website and consider making a contribution? Thank you.

Barack was impressed, so when the came upon still another homeless person a few more blocks away he gave the person nothing,  saying “Have hope, change is coming as I bring the country forward by making the rich pay their fair share“.

The homeless person turned to Barack and replied “I really wish you wouldn’t, the last thing I need is a lot more competition.

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