For Sale: Breathable Air

Tyler Durden of the website Zero Hedge reports that, as a result of China’s health-threatening air pollution, an “aspiring Chinese entrepreneur” is now selling cans of “clean air” for about 80 cents a can.

Now, before you start wasting some (apparently valuable) clean air by laughing, consider the history of bottled water: Forever the purview of well-heeled corporations or individuals, when companies finally pitched bottled water to health-conscious, increasingly mobile, naive, and/or paranoid consumers during the late 1970s US consumption grew to about 9 billion gallons annuallyor, 29 gallons per person – in 2012.

My suggestion? If you missed out on the opportunity to stock up on gold, Twinkies®, or .223 jacketed hollow point 52-grain ammunition, consider following the example of Alvin Grimes and start stockpiling some breathable air now:

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