Watch the World’s Smallest Movie!

What to you get when you take a bunch of big-brained scientists trained in STEM (that’s “Science, Technology, Engineering and Math”) and add a STEM (short for “Scanning Tunneling Electron Microscope“) capable of moving individual atoms around?

You get the world’s smallest movie: “A Boy and His Atom” *

The science website TechNewsWorld describes how this 242-frame cinematic wonder was made. It’s just one movie in IBM’s fascinating and informative “Atomic Shorts” series.

*Could this be a clever nod by the IBM scientists to the movie “A Boy and His Dog”, a sci-fi cult classic about a boy, Vic, and his telepathic dog, Blood, who roam an Earth ravaged by an atomic war and discover an entire society living underground? But I digress…

Thanks for reading!

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