Finally: Limitless Wind Power!

Are you a proponent of “Green Energy(which was called “alternative energy” when I was studying Engineering)?

Think wind power isn’t being given a fair chance to prove itself?

Well, now there’s no need to concern yourself with a “seemingly-excessive” number of wind towers ruining a lovely view, killing millions of birds and bats annually (and, the occasional maintenance worker), causing distress to nearby residents and possibly destruction of property and property values as they struggle to extract power from a highly variable wind whose peak availability may have been grossly overestimated, only to eventually litter the landscape at the end of their 10-15 year working life (or, when the subsidies finally run out) after helping to increase global warming.

Why? Because an inexpensive science kit created by Vibe Essentials and found at Five Below has shown us the way to LIMITLESS WIND POWER which will obviously outweigh all those perceived “negatives” of wind power!

The concept is deceptively simple: Take an ordinary wind turbine, add a solar collector connected to storage batteries located in the base of the tower, hook the batteries up to the turbine’s motor-generator set, and “Voila!“, you’ve got a wind turbine that never stops spinning!

Now, not only can you have a wind tower spinning with 100% availability, but you’ll be utilizing wind, photovoltaics, and electrochemical storage synergistically to keep the planet green – plus, the added bonus of impressing all your friends while disproving all those naysayers (like, for example, the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics…but, I digress).

Solar Fan, from Vibe's "6-in-1 Solar Kit"

(Click to enlarge)

However, you better act fast: Those “Vibe Essentials 6-in-1 Solar Kits” are going fast at Five Below!

Now, if we could only find a solution for High Speed Rail in this country… well, I’ll be darned!

Thanks for reading!

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