My “Pipe Dream” Comes True!

In 1989 LucasArts released “Pipe Dream” for the Macintosh, a game with a simple yet entertainingly addictive goal: Using randomly-provided straight, curved, and intersecting pieces of pipe, create a pipeline long enough to carry an inevitable flow of “flooz”. Each successive level of the game required you to build longer pipelines in less time, eventually making you direct “flooz” to a specific destination while avoiding obstacles – otherwise, it was “Game Over”.

When Lucas Arts stopped making the game for the Macintosh*, others variations – notably MacPipes and Flood Control (available as part of this CD) - stepped in to fill the void, and satisfy my desire to continue playing the game as I upgraded my Macs.

Despite casually playing the game off and on for years I’ve never completed a level where every single space on the game board was filled with a game piece… that is, until Saturday, April 27, 2013 at 2:28:40 PM while playing “Flood Control”:

Screenshot: Perfect gamboard in "Flood Control"

(Click to enlarge, if you must)

Oh sure, this accomplishment isn’t as impressive as reaching Level 85 in “World of Warcraft”, as satisfying as finally completing “Dark Souls” on the PC, or as funny as realizing the secret to “Castle Roodpart” in “Dragon Scuffle”.

Nevertheless, this confluence of the game’s algorithm, my skill, and Lady Luck brought a smile to my face. Now, if I could only do it just one more time… or, maybe transfer this “skill” to the lottery, or some such thing like that there ;-)

*BTW: In fact, as of 04/03/13, Lucasfilm’s new owner, Disney, closed down LucasArts and laid off it’s employees; however, they’ve apparently licensed their successful “Star Wars” game series to Electronic Arts.

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Thanks for reading! (and, happy gaming!)

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