Announcing my unsolicited tag sale!

A couple of weeks ago I finally realized I’ve collected a few more items over the years than I now have room for. So, if you’ve got a taste for the eclectic and enjoy Tag Sales, Flea Markets, or Thrift Stores, then check out:

my unsolicited tag sale!

Oh sure, I could have just listed my stuff on eBay or Bonanza (and passed their costs onto you), posted them on Craigslist (and limit my audience) or had a tag sale on my front lawn (and suffer through some pesky early birds), but why do those things when my website host is giving me literally unlimited space for free?*

I invite you to look around, and as you do keep in mind that I’m just one person trying to sell some of their personal stuff, not some fancy online store or eBay Power-something-or-other merchant. You’ll find my asking prices very reasonable – I’ve even included some links to other sellers in case you don’t believe me – but just like a real tag sale, all my prices are negotiable.

*how’s that for a shameless plug…for

Thanks for reading!

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