Cartoon of the Day: “Cars like Airplanes”

If you’ve a few minutes to spare from your busy day, why not take in this short but humorous cartoon? Learn about road safety and healthy eating as you watch Abu Awad try and make his way through the West Bank in this cartoon titled “Cars like Airplanes“:

Enjoy the cartoon? Try taking this Pop Quiz:

What’s wrong with this video?
(a) Some passengers in the van are not wearing seat belts.
(b) The van’s driver is using his cellphone while driving.
(c) A video created by a US Government Agency and funded by US Taxpayers for the Palestinians includes eight references to “God” or “prayer”.
(d) One man does not have his head covered at the funeral service.

BTW: “This is the first episode of the USAID-funded cartoon campaign for the Palestinian Authority…” The USAID was created in 1961 by Democrat President John F. Kennedy via Executive Order. For 2014, the USAID has requested a budget of $20.4 Billion.

Thanks for reading!

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