Calculate ObamaCare’s Cost with Kaiser’s Cool Calculator

Barring any shutdown of the Federal Government on October 1st, 2013 (or, apparently, regardless of any shutdown), the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as “ObamaCare” will require Americans to select health insurance coverage or else face a tax penalty which increases for each year of non-coverage. This year, the ObamaCare enrollment period ends February 28, 2014, but in future years will end sooner (December 7th, or “Pearl Harbor Day”…really?!?).

After figuring out what kind of insurance and subsidy you’re eligible for (here’s a handy chart, courtesy of Republican Texas Senator John Cornyn), if you’re classified as poor (ie: making less than 138% of the Federal Poverty Line if single, or less than 400% FPL if a family, and under 65 yrs old – and, there’s a lot of you, and a lot more since 2008), and your state is participating in ObamaCare*, then congratulations: You’re not only insured, but hard-working taxpayers will pay for all or part of your insurance!

Otherwise, you’re going to have to pay more for your insurance by making less money – either directly (if self-employed) or indirectly (if employed by a company). Not only will you have to pay for your own coverage, but also for the new ObamaCare coverage now given to all of the previously-uninsured, including those that private market insurers wouldn’t cover due to pre-existing conditions. Now, while I’m rumored to be a Rocket Scientist, it certainly doesn’t take one to realize that more people getting more healthcare services from the same number of doctors (actually, probably fewer…but, I digress), all now being monitored by an expanding Federal Government healthcare bureaucracy and additional red tape (source) will result in longer wait times, less quality of care, and higher costs (read a full report on rising physicians’ costs here).

But, why continue with sobering preface about your promised decreasing health care premiums under ObamaCare? Instead, why not take the suggestion of Erin Hannigan of Organizing for Action’s “Truth Team” and use the “Cool Subsidy Calculator” from the Kaiser Family Foundation to determine just how much money you’ll save?

*While this chart comes from a Facebook page claiming to be “Politically Neutral” in their reporting of ObamaCare news, the writer(s) are unknown and all of the news on the site is in favor of ObamaCare… so I call “BS” on their claim.

(A tip of the (Red Sox) Cap to PJMedia for pointing out Erin Hannigan’s suggestion)

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