Countdown to Catastrophe in CT?

If you’ve already read my post on Kaiser’s “cool” Calculator for figuring out if you’re going to save as much as $2,500 per year in healthcare premiumsas promised by President Obama seemingly countless times – then you already know that some of you need to select an ObamaCare Health Exchange starting October 1, 2013.

Connecticut residents in particular will be pleased to know that, as of 3:26 PM Central Daylight Time (oops, sorry…that would be “4:26 PM” in CT, my bad) the number of Health Care Exchanges posted on CT’s Health Insurance Marketplace is exactly ZERO.

But, hey, don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself:

Connecticut’s “access health CT”
Connecticut’s Health Insurance Marketplace:
Plan Designs.

If you’ve got some free time, why not check back at that site while the clock conveniently shown below ticks down – perhaps CT will avoid a catastrophe…

…although, given CT’s record on tax burden, budget deficits, gasoline prices, gun control, busways, high-speed rail, and soon maybe even domesticated pets, I’m not too optimistic.

BTW: I’m told CT will have three ObamaCare Exchanges, and one of those won’t be Aetna, whose World Headquarters is conveniently located within easy walking distance to Connecticut’s State Capitol Building – whether it’s delicious irony, or simply good business sense by Aetna I’ll leave for you to decide.

Thanks for reading!

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