CT’s ObamaCare CYA of the Day

As promised, the State of Connecticut did indeed publish online their list of ObamaCare Health Exchange Plans on October 1st – after having a blank web page right up until the very last day (9/30/2013 at 10:43:21 AM, according to their own admission).

As Murphy says “If it wasn’t for the last minute nothing would get done.”, so kudos for finally accomplishing this. But has anyone noticed the title of their very first posting?

“Updated — August 30, 2013″

“Updated” thirty days before they posted it on 09/30/13? Really?!? This means the original information must have been created at least a month prior to it’s posting. And, if it was, why wasn’t the information posted on August 30th, to give applicants a chance to see what might be available?

Was it typical government bureaucracy? Trouble getting insurance carriers to sign on to ObamaCare? A particular focus on making sure government-supplied information is complete, accurate, and easy to understand?

…or, CT’s ObamaCare CYA of the Day?

Thanks for reading!

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