I’m a Random Rambling Man…

Sorry for the lack of postings lately, but my attention’s been focused on (1) coming up to speed at my new job, and (b) listening to a couple of feet of my intestines gradually dissolve as I watch the Red Sox try to win the 2013 MLB Championship.

So, as I work to impress my new Boss(es), assemble a few Sox photos for my site, and contemplate new blog topics, please enjoy these random ramblings:

  • The National Hurricane Service has named hurricanes after women, men, and, if necessary, the Greek alphabet. Say, how about naming them after online chat  abbreviations and emoticons, like Hurricane WTF, 4COL, ADIH, OMG!, FTW, FEMA, =:-O and #@&%! ? (see a list of many more candidates here)
  • My local Burger King has a sign on the outside of their door reading “No Still or Video Photography Allowed in this Store“. On the inside of the door is another sign reading “This Store uses Video and Audio Surveillance“. I’d have taken a picture of the signs but I’m not allowed to and apparently they already have.
  • Speaking of fast food restaurants, here’s a sure fire way to liven things up the next time you visit one: When the counter person asks for a name for your order, just say “Obama“, and then take a seat somewhere near the back of the dining room. When “Obama” is called, let them repeat it a little louder before picking up your food. Drives Liberals and Progressives crazy! Just don’t do it too often or you might find out who the illegal gun owners are.
  • Why do they call it “Pound Cake” when the package only weighs 10 ounces?
  • During the past few months I’ve noticed my local Walmart, Dollar Tree, Stop & Shop (what “Giant” stores are called in New England) and iParty (oops…they’re now Party City) have all rearranged their store layouts to have fewer, wider aisles with shelves that are both shorter and lower. Are they making room for pallets of cheap, piled-high holiday merchandise, or just downsizing their inventories in this “New Economy” I’ve heard so much about (and, experienced)?
  • Has anyone else noticed that both JCPenny and Nordstrom have redecorated their stores with predominantly white walls? IMHO, while it gives Penny’s an open, upscale look, it definitely cheapens Nordstrom’s (frankly, I think Nordstrom started going downhill when they got rid of their grand piano – listening to it’s dulcet tones was the only thing I could afford in the entire store ;-)

Thanks for reading! (and, Let’s Go Red Sox!)

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