Chris Matthews’ Quote of the Day

I try to avoid NBC’s “Meet the Press” hosted by Chris Matthews like the plague: Every time I see the show I think a better name for it would be “Me, Depressed”.

Why? Because I didn’t know I was a paranoid, survivalist, narrow-minded, disrespectful, racist, homophobic, obstructionist, terrorist teabagger until the occasionally-forgetful Matthews told me. All this time I thought I was just a polite, respectful, hard-working, religious, fair-minded, patriotic, supporter of America’s Constitutional Republic simply trying to improve their life in the greatest country on Earth.  Silly me!

However, while doing a little channel-surfing during breakfast this morning I happened to stop on NBC long enough to hear Chris – once a speechwriter for President Jimmy Carter – unload this linguistic gem:

“The great thing about Bill Clinton is his hands are completely in touch with the average American.”

In touch with the “average american”?  No kidding!

Way to stay classy, Chris.

Thanks for reading!

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