So Wrong (and, I can’t even show you!)

I’d originally planned to write about how Vibe’s “3-in-1 Solar Kit: Educational Robotics” allows you to build “a robot,  windmill, helicopter, boat, airplane, or car.” despite the fact that the box only shows a robot, tank, or scorpion, and contains just enough parts inside to build any one of them* – and include a scanned image of their box pointing out the company’s apparent lack of an experienced proofreader.

Fortunately, before posting this I happened to take a look at the bottom of the box and noticed their rather onerous Copyright Notice:

(click to embiggen -IF YOU DARE!)

Just in case I’ve had to remove the image, here’s what their Copyright Notice reads (my emphasis):

No portion of this package, including the shape, graphics, and design, may be transmitted by any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including by photocopying, recording, or use of any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from DGL. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this package, design, or any portion of it will be prosecuted to the maximum extent permissible under law.”

So, apparently, I’ve violated DGL’s copyright notice simply by showing you their copyright notice from the box. (Huh?!?)

Now, rather than  wonder if every single Company, website, and person showing Vibe’s/DGL’s products actually asked and received EXPRESS written permission from DGL, or if my showing the box on this blog for humorous, satirical, or editorial comment is covered under Fair Use, I instead blurred out the company’s logo.  I’m now claiming this modified image constitutes a Derivative Work and have affixed my own Copyright Notice thereto – so, don’t forget to write me if you want to use a copy of it :-)

Oh, and if you still want to see the actual box, check it out on eBay, or buy it at Five Below, while they last – I’m guessing eBay and Five Below are too big to be intimidated by DGL’s Copyright Notice… but if I were you  eBay seller “sml0713” I’d be careful! :-)

* this reminds me of an old joke from Communist Russia:

A young man worked in a factory he was told produced baby carriages. When his wife became pregnant he realized baby carriages – like almost everything in the Soviet Union – were very expensive and took forever to get, so he decided to smuggle out one part from his factory every few days and bring it back to their small government-provided apartment. Right before his wife gave birth he assembled all the parts and discovered he’d built a machine gun.

Thanks for Reading! (and, DGL, for hopefully having a sense of humor regarding the ironic)

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