McMighty (Wings) McFail

Regular readers already know my deep appreciation (some might say “odd affliction”) for McDonald’s tasty McRib sandwich. Oh sure, it might be made from “mechanically separated” pork, look unappealing in it’s frozen state, and maligned as atrociously unhealthy, but it’s still pork, still tasty, and human stomachs still doesn’t have eyes.

So, when McDonalds “D”-cided not to offer the McRib in the USA this fall – opting instead to offer their “Mighty Wings” – it didn’t take a Rocket Scientist or even CNBC to see this could be a marketing train wreck just waiting to happen.

And, by golly, it was: So much so that the Golden Arches still has about 10,000,000 pounds of “Mighty Wings” left over and currently in deep freeze (that’s about 454,000 kg for you non-Americans, which sounds lower but still weighs the same… however, I digress).

Why McDonalds decided to replace a known revenue generator and go upscale with a product that’s more expensive and less tasty (in my opinion) than wings at Popeye’s, Chick-fil-a, or Buffalo Wild Wings (they’ve got “Wings” in their name, for cripes sakes!) is completely beyond me: It ranks right up there with canceling the Angus Burger and pricing their Chicken McWraps at $3.99 (at $2.99, I’m betting you’d grab a lot of Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts customers…don ‘t thank me, just send me a commission).

No worries though: Burger King introduced their BKRib sandwich – it’s just a buck, just as tasty, and (probably) just as unhealthy as the McRib. And, as an added bonus: With a value drink and value fries the meal is 48 cents cheaper than a McDouble, fries and a drink at McDonalds.

Looks to me like the Clown was played by the King… and, I don’t mean Elvis :-)

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