It’s 2014 – Let’s watch the Bubbles Burst!

Here’s wishes for a :-) Happy New Year :-) my infrequent readers, and the hope that you had a peaceful and joyous Holiday Season.

Now that (most of you) have recovered from your Seasonal Cold Influenza Hangover, did you know the average bottle of Champagne, once opened, can produce between  49 and 250 million bubbles?

While many of those bubbles are released when the pressure inside the bottle – as high as 90 pounds per square inch* – is improperly uncorked, the real pleasure is enjoying the bubbles in your glass: The way they tickle your nose, excite the palate, and dance up the sides of the glass to create an intoxicating pattern of carbon dioxide effervescence on the surface.

So, as you embark on a new year, I hope you took pause during your New Year’s revelry to reflect on all those microscopic bubbles rising up from your flute or coupe to break free, and enjoyed them as best you can: Because if any of the following recent predictions come true, you’ve already experienced the best bubbles of 2014.

*FYI: An overpressure of 5 pounds per square inch is enough to completely destroy most buildings (link). Oh, and does a liberated champagne cork moving at 60 mph qualify the bottle as an “assault weapon”?

Thanks for reading! (and, good luck in 2014!)

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