I’m invited to Join the White House?!?

With the New England Patriots increasingly on the short end of the 2013 AFC Championship Game as I write this, a quick check of my email provided this humorous diversion:

I’ve got absolutely no idea how Linkedin decided to make this recommendation to me:

(my invitation to join the White House)
(click to embiggen)

Perhaps Linkedin didn’t see my photos of Tea Party Rallies, or read some of my blog posts (such as this one, this, or maybe even this entertaining one) - if they did they probably would have suggested another one of their many Groups.

I’m not concerned, though. I’m sure the recommendation came from their professional network of high-powered computers, using algorithms that – written by humans – are bound to be imperfect. And, it’s not like Linkedin is trying to collect all of your social and professional information and share it with every government agency, while taking steps to disguise their activities…

…like the National Security Administration (NSA) is doing.

Thanks for reading!

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