You can Count on those R@ycyst Republicans!

I’d read about this in my local newspaper (how quaint, someone still reads newspapers… but, I digress), and thought it was not only too good to check but eminently chart-worthy (as always, click to embiggen):

(My bar chart is missing...sorry!)

(When it really counts, count on the GOP)

That’s kinda hard to believe, so I checked it anyway, and by-golly-gumbo it actually is true. Of course, I’ve only charted the really important stuff – all the rest is just “detail“.

Still, I was impressed by one detail of the chart: Percentage-wise, more Republicans than Democrats supported and expanded the liberty, freedom, and representation of the individual in our Constitutional Republic – but not one Republican supported the mandatory subservience of the group to the individual (“…12 million Americans who are uninsured and unhappy with their health care — less than 5 percent of the citizenry.” – source)

And, speaking of percentages, now that the citizenry has had the time and information to reflect upon mandatory health insurance (as opposed to health care), it seems Republicans may have a growing majority of those sharing their view.

Health care for all? Health insurance? Health subsidies for the truly poor and indigent? Self-insurance? I’m for all of those things. But mandatory health insurance with no guarantees regarding the availability, depth, quality, or effectiveness of actual health care? This is not how to get it done.

Thanks for reading! (and, stay healthy, or else!)

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