My Question for Upset Atheists

Apparently, Atheists are suing to have the “911 Cross” removed from the 911 Memorial Museum in New York, which got me thinking:

  • When I see graffiti defacing a building or bridge I get upset because someone has disrespected another’s property.
  • When I see a gang symbol, such as clothing, a hand signal, or other marking I get upset because someone has made me fearful.
  • When I see the tax forms arrive in my mail I get upset because I wonder how wasteful government is with my hard-earned money.
  • When I see a US Flag desecrated I get upset because I love my country, which the flag symbolizes (but, I’m not upset at the desecrator(s), because that same flag symbolizes the 1st Amendment)
  • When I see a symbol of my faith desecrated I get upset because I wonder what motivated the person to do that (but, I still forgive him/her).


When Atheists see a religious symbol, why should they get upset? After all, as Atheists those symbols have no meaning to them. And, I don’t get upset when I see an Atheist symbol: I think most of them are just pretty symbols.

Thanks for reading!

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