I’m a Random Ramblin’ Man!

I had originally planned to post a thoughtful, well-considered post on how, despite inheriting two wars, a failing home mortgage market, rising energy prices, record deficits, increasing unemployment, GITMO, and an increasingly-polarized voting population from George W. Bush, President Obama has acquitted himself admirably with professionalism and manners in an open and transparent way by using his vast and well-honed skills as a Community Organizer, politician, and family man to bring diverse groups together and reduce unemployment, curb reckless spending, stop runaway deficits, lower energy prices, and decrease political & social instability in the world.

Unfortunately, I’m a bit strapped for time, what with work, signing up for ObamaCare, the tax deadline looming, and (most importantly) Red Sox Opening Day fast approaching. So, instead I’ll just randomly ramble:

  • If General Motors knew they had a problem with faulty ignition switches as far back as 2005, how come the public didn’t know about it until after the US Government’s control of the company ended, the Union sold their company stock for a $3.4 Billion profit, and GM appointed their first women CEO?
  • I don’t understand why King President Obama hasn’t personally met with Dictator President Vladimir Putin to confront him on his military takeover of the Crimea: It would give Obama an opportunity to play golf in Sochi only minutes from the beach, as well as to compare manly chests.
  • How could Taco Bell have introduced a new breakfast menu that included scrambled eggs but not any salt or pepper to put on them?!?
  • As of April 1st, 2014 deadline a little over 7 million people have signed up for ObamaCare: What’s going to happen to the other 40 million or so people in America who are still currently uninsured?
  • Why is it short-sighted, irresponsible, and greedy for a private corporation run their business based on their next quarterly report but it’s not for politicians focused on getting reelected in 2 to 4 years?
  • How come it’s evil for large paper companies to harvest tree stands responsibly by planting new saplings, but it’s “Green” to permanently cut down tree stands to install solar collectors?
  • I heard the official White House Pastry Chef quit after Michelle Obama told him he couldn’t use butter, shortening or sugar in his desserts. Anyone know where he went because I’m still looking for a good New York Style Cheesecake.

Oh, and about that post on Obama? April Fools!

Thanks for reading!

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