I’m a Random Ramblin’ Man!

  • Security at Fenway Park was so tight for the Patriots Day game that they even searched the bags under my eyes. Now imagine how safe we’d be if we enforced immigration laws and border security just as tightly.
  • There’s a “riot” in “Patriot” and “terror” in “Terrorist”: How is it that the Obama Administration constantly gets this association backwards?
  • Speaking of teachers, I learned that “22.5% of a teacher’s evaluation” depended on how their students performed on one knowledge mastery test (the “Smarter Balanced” test). To graduate from college I had to successfully complete a technical project in my declared Major, pass a comprehensive exam in my declared Major, and write a research paper in my declared Minor (History): Each one of those were worth 100% of my evaluation to graduate. Oh yeah: And I also had to pay my tuition bill.
  • I feel bad for the 1st Place New York Yankees, who somehow feel they need to cheat not just once but twice in order to beat the struggling Red Sox. This only makes me feel even better for Boston: As soon as they get their pitching straightened out and their injured sluggers back the Yankees may have to replace their pine tar with gummy bears.
  • FYI: The Red Sox will be handing out a free Dustin Pedroia bobblehead dollwhile supplies last – to each fan at the April 30th game against the Tamp Bay Rays. Rumor is it never stops moving and covers itself in dirt within an hour after the game starts :-)

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