Things I didn’t know about Godzilla…

…but I suspect the screenwriters may have written into the script of his latest movie “Godzilla“, a Warner Brothers picture opening May 16, 2014:

  • …and, of course, all that oil from the BP “Deepwater Horizon” accident.
  • He doesn’t feel sorry for all those people killed – they were probably just God-fearin’, gun-totin’, flag-wavin’, hard-workin’, beer-drinkin’ Tea Partiers too brainwashed by Conservative media’s exaggerations to believe the Government really knows what’s best for them 100% of the time… like, when to evacuate the city.

I’m a big fan of the science fiction genre, which has always been a great medium for inserting subtle (or sometimes not-so-subtle) criticism of the world’s perceived problems and/or dire predictions of things to come if the world doesn’t move quickly towards a global utopia – whether or not such criticism/predictions are justified or even accurate. However, at the risk of being considered “old fashioned”, I prefer the science fiction of old, when the stories were simpler, the message subtler, and without the unbelievable special effects, excessively loud volume, and overbearing preaching of recent movie remakes.

Let’s see what this latest reboot of the Godzilla franchise has to offer.

Thanks for reading!

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