Curious Conversations

I can’t figure out if I’m the only person who understands or the only one who doesn’t – and these two recent conversations certainly aren’t helping me resolve my internal dilemma:

At my local Dollar Tree: Two people stocking shelves, a man and woman:

Man: “I gotta get me another car.”
Woman:Another car? Didn’t you just get one?”
Man: “Yeah, but too many people know I drive it. Have you been to [the city]? Four people shot in the last couple weeks, it’s bad cops, man!”

At my local bank: Between me, the Teller, and the Manager:

Teller: “Have you tried our online banking and checking services?”
Me: “No, but speaking of that did you know Santander Bank will give me $20 a month if I use online checking and make three transactions per month with no minimum balance?”
Bank Manager (listening nearby): “Yes, but you still have to pay taxes on that money, it’s considered interest income.”
Me: “Of course, but taxes wouldn’t take 100% of that $240 per year. I’d rather have [your bank] give me more interest than see your ads during sporting events.”
Bank Manager: “…and, besides, we have better customer service.”
Me: “Customer service? If I use online banking and your ATMs, then you don’t need this teller, and I prefer talking to a teller than a automated help line, faceless website, or customer call center based hundreds of miles from here. And, if you get rid of tellers, you should give me more interest on my bank accounts.”
Teller & Bank Manager: (Speechless)

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