I’m a Random Ramblin’ Man!

Sorry, dear readers, for the dearth in postings: Between work (which I’m grateful to have in this economy), Summer (which I’ve learned was the coldest ever recorded in the USA), and the Red Sox (which has driven me to despair), I’ve had little time to document my Unsolicited Side Effects.

But, there’s always time to randomly ramble…so:

  • After reading about how “personal” digital photos of about 100 actresses (and, one actor) were hacked into and posted online I wondered how many of them have actually been paid to act in a state of partial or total undress?
  • Is it true that Warren Buffett, a wildly successful businessman and devoted Democrat contributor, invested $3 BILLION dollars in Burger King’s $12 billion purchase of Canada-based Tim Horton’s because he could make his investment back just in the tax savings alone when Burger King changes their headquarters from the United States (39.1% corporate tax rate) to Canada (26.1% corporate tax rate)? (BTW: Probably not… but, the yield on Buffett’s purchase of preferred stock might be up to 9% – a heck of a lot better than any investment you might own)
  • I read that an artist from Los Angeles CA created a sculpture from illegal guns obtained by New Jersey police during a “gun buy back” program. Sure, the sculpture is nice enough, but I’m wondering how may of those criminals used the money to upgrade to better – and, most likely illegal – guns.
  • If you’re becoming frustrated, annoyed, or impatient when playing that classic PC game “Minesweeper“, why not try it my way: Instead of avoiding the mines, try to see how many boards in a row you can lose by selecting a mine on the very first click :-)

Thanks for reading!

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