Calling all Voters!

Forever may she wave! Thanks to our current King Dictator Narcissist Egotistical President – who took over 30 months to conclusively prove he met the only two criteria Constitutionally required to be elected President of the United States – the bar has been set so low that anyone – including a brash billionaire, a self-declared Socialist, a man with audiogenic memory, and even a failed Secretary of State – can run for President.

Since I easily qualify as an “anyone” and can produce my genuine, original, unaltered Birth Certificate in less than a day, I’ve decided to toss my well-worn Red Sox cap into the political area (of course, as President I would be the most successful Welfare recipient in the world, which is also appealing :-)

So, why not take a little break and check out who I am, then have a look at my

MUSEman 2016 Presidential Platform.

If I’m elected President, you’ll even get to see my real name – it’s on the Birth Certificate.

Thanks for reading!

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