My Hopes for President Trump

Now that Donald J. Trump is officially America’s 45th President of the United States, I want to offer my hearty and heartfelt congratulations. I also wish him the best during the next (hopefully) four years, as there are many groups with entrenched, vested interests who will work very hard to try and preserve them at the expense of his Presidency.

I applaud Obama’s gracious act (with perhaps just a touch of ego included, as is his habit) of offering Trump some advice – and fully expect the former (P)resident to speak out often and loudly whenever he believes Trump needs more “helpful advice”. However, I believe Trump could learn a lot not just from Obama, but from a number of former Democrat Presidents.

And so, here’s what I hope President Trump learns from past Democrat Presidents:

  • I hope that President Trump doesn’t kill thousands of innocent civilians with nuclear weapons…as Democrat President Truman did – twice – despite knowing the Japan was within days of surrendering.
  • I hope President Trump has enough respect for the Office – and more importantly his wife – to not commit adultery, especially in the White House…unlike Democrat Presidents William “BJ” Clinton and John F. Kennedy.
  • I hope President Trump doesn’t deny the legal immigration of law-abiding, productive people simply because of their nationality or religion…unlike Democrat Presidents Roosevelt (Jews), Truman (Germans), and Carter (Iranians)
  • I hope if President Trump promises military support to people fighting for democracy he keeps his word…unlike Democrat President Kennedy during the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

Of course, there are probably many more lessons Trump could learn from Democrat Presidents – but, I want to leave him plenty of time to Make America Great Again :-)

Thanks for reading!

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