About those NFL Championship Games…

First of all, congratulations to the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons for their decisive wins last Sunday: It’s looking to be an exciting Championship game!

But, did anybody else notice that in each of those game the winning score was twice the losing score plus 2?

Or: 2x + 2?

On the 22nd of January?

It’s probably just a coincidence, rather than “Russian Hacking” or game fixing; and, I’m sure numerologists, mathematicians, and/or conspiracy theorists might be able to find other references to “2″ upon further research (which I’m not going to do ;-)

As for next week’s Super Bowl, I only want to see one “2″ – and by that I mean “12″ – win another Championship for the New England Patriots!

Thanks for reading! (and, GO PATS!)

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