Greetings from Super Bowl Hell…

At least the 1st Circle, anyway. The Patriots are losing late in the second quarter, and the loudest guy in the sports bar I’m watching the game in is probably the biggest, most obnoxious, Ney York Giants fan on the face of the earth.

Of course, the Halftime Show hasn’t started yet, so I suspect Lady Gaga’s performance (aka: “implied political statement“) may cause me to drop one or two more Circles (possibly the 3rd Circle, as there’s a buffet).

And, if the Pats can’t pull off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, I’m wondering which mainstream news outlet will proudly opine that they lost because:

(a) Tom Brady & Robert Kraft openly support President Trump,

(b) the AFC East is weak, or

(c) “global warming”

(which, frankly, wouldn’t surprise me, as they are already at the 9th Level ;-)

Thanks for reading!

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