Those Liberals aren’t having a “TEA Party”

In the wake of the Woman’s March on Washington shortly after President Trump’s inauguration some media outlets began writing about an emerging Liberal protest movement reminiscent of the Conservative “TEA Party” rallies during Mr. Obama’s first term as President – with some even using the phrase “Liberal tea party“.

However, that phrase – “Liberal tea party” – doesn’t seem to correctly describe such groups: The “TEA” in “TEA Party” stood for “Taxed Enough Already!”. Short, sweet, tangible, and couched in history, it was an early rallying cry for groups of hard-working, respectful, peace-loving, law-abiding, predominantly Middle Class Americans who were tired of watching their tax money go towards ObamaCare, crony capitalism, welfare fraud, and government waste, which later expanded to include those upset at the erosion of America’s core values and government politicians either unwilling to fix them (Republicans) or bent on destroying them (Democrats).

Liberals, on the other hand, don’t want lower taxes, but instead higher taxes on their way to realizing a Progressive Socialist Borderless Democratic Society. We’ve witnessed how many of these protesters are loud, disruptive, disrespectful, non-inclusive, and in some cases, violent and destructive: The same kind of behavior the real TEA Party groups were accused of displaying.

It’s a label that simply doesn’t fit. And, by using the very same label as Conservatives – “TEA Party” – the Liberals dilute it, thereby diluting its’ true meaning.

What these Liberal protest groups really need is their own short, sweet, tangible, catchy label…and preferably, couched in history. So, here are some modest suggestions, in no particular order:

  • SOROS = Support Our Revolution Of Socialism!
  • MASS = Make/Making America Socialist Soon
  • DOPE = Destroy Our Presidential System
  • BRAT = Barack’s Requesting Agitators Tantrum
  • TANTRUM = Take Action Now To… (haven’t quite figured this out yet;-)
  • SOB = Save Our Benefits!
  • SAW = Save Our Welfare!
  • POS = Protect Our Socialism!
  • DUMB = Don’t Undo My Benefits / Don’t Underestimate Mob Brutality
  • ATE = Always Taking Everything

Hmmm… “Always Taking Everything”…such as always taking away our tax money, and trying to take away the 2nd Amendment, biological gender, enforcement of laws they don’t like, our national border, pride in America’s accomplishments, Capitalism….?

I’ve got it! How about these?

  • TEA = Taking Everything Away
  • TEA = Thugs Extorting America(ns)

Well I’ll be: “TEA” might actually be an appropriate label. But certainly not “party”: Perhaps I should come up with another list of candidates ;-)

Thanks for reading!

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