Must be True: It’s Statistical!

Did you know that:

97% of Global Warming scientists agree that President Donald J. Trump is guilty of something.

The calls for a witch hunt an investigation by a brace of Democrat politicians, Attorney Generals, “news” reporters, liberal pundits, progressive gum-flappers, and possibly delicate snowflakes reminds me of the disheveled man pacing the sidewalk with a signboard reading “The World Will End TOMORROW!” – eventually, he’ll be absolutely correct (even if it means his world ends when he dies…but, I digress ;-)

However, before you laugh too loudly, consider that at any given time about 70% of the U.S. adult population has probably committed a crime that could result in jail timeand I’m almost absolutely statistically sure within some margin of error that group includes Trump’s accusers, and even perhaps some Climate Change Scientists.

Thanks for reading!

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