Let’s (maybe) Drink to Trump’s “Acquitmas”!

After over three years of constant efforts by the Democrats to remove Trump from office – culminating with the Senate voting by a wide margin to acquit the President on House charges of Abuse of Power and Obstruction of the Congress – I figured it’s about time to indulge in a drink or five:

2016 MAGA Sign w/ Vodka

Caption: Let's Celebrate with a drink!

A great plan, until I checked out just how much an unopened bottle of Trump Gold 750ml 80-proof Vodka is currently selling for: What… $700?!? As Trump would say, that’s “Big league!”

So, onto my Plan B: A nice glass of the cheap stuff, mixed with soda water, splash of ginger ale, and a lime twist…while I watch my investment in “liquid assets” grow!

Thanks for reading!

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