Of the Package An Embarrassing Situate

Last year, during an overnight weekend at the Casino with my friends, I realized I forgot my toiletries, and stopped by one of those “dollar-or-less” stores on the way to restock. While browsing I noticed this handy little device for a car, cellphone, or tablet (and, it was on sale, two for a buck…but, I digress). However, it was the description on the back that really caught my eye…and had me laughing out loud.

Here’s the product, basically two little “legs” which fit into your car vent to hang small items from, or act as tiny feet for your phone or tablet when used as a pair:

Caption: Looks Handy Enough!

AUTO Hanger Packaging, ReverseCaption: And, descriptive!

…and, here’s its’ directly-translated-from-Chinese English description (click here to see the actual packaging, or just click the right-hand image above):

“Although the car has been designed a variety of shelves, dark lattice, but for the car for the family star. Only these places are far from enough to install things, especially those with the take with the small pieces, too. Sunglasses, data lines, car keys, etc., after the car is often readily lost, get off again. Can not find the change of this embarrassing situate, a small accessories came into being.

AUTO HANGER shape design is also very simple, one end is a common hook, while the other end “Two legs” inside the use of corrugated design, using the same with the outlet of the black design. Caught in the car air conditioning outlet, you can help you put almost all carry a small piece of car. Use it to the slightest sense of the feet will not have two AUTO HANGER at the same time use, but also as a mobile phone stand.

Made in China.”

As Jedi Master Yoda would say “Laughing, was I!

Thanks for Reading!

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