Former FBI Dir. Comey Sings “The Perjury Trap”

For those of you who don’t know, back on January 24th, 2017 President Trump appointed Genera Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor to the President, a job he resigned from twenty days later after being accused of misleading White House officials about a meeting he had with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

(BTW: I’ll digress with purpose here: If you already know the story, or just want go to directly to “The Perjury Trap”, just click here)

You can read the (slightly biased) timeline here, but basically after a casual meeting with 2 agents from the FBI (headed by Director James Comey) who allegedly told General Flynn the meeting was routine, informal and didn’t require a lawyer, Gen. Flynn was accused of lying to the FBI, tried in court, plead guilty, sent to jail, and left there waiting to be sentenced by the court.

After US Attorney General William Barr reviewed the evidence – both previously known and new evidence uncovered by his investigation – it was shown that the FBI Director sent the two agents over to interview Flynn…

…and the agents had the understanding if they could get Gen. Flynn to lie it would be easy to “get him fired“.

The agents, by the way, reported they didn’t believe Gen. Flynn was lying, and the FBI’s investigation, dubbed “Crossfire Razor“, was going to be dropped until FBI Agent Peter Strozk (who apparently edited the Flynn interview documents and who, with his paramour Lisa Page, talked about an “Insurance Policy” against President Trump when they weren’t “collecting bodily evidence) fought to keep the case open.

The DOJ, under Attorney General Barr, eventually dropped the perjury case against General Michael Flynn after over three years, with AG Barr saying “the whole exercise was just about creating the lie.” and part of a “whole pattern of conduct” against the Trump Administration.

So now it appears former FBI Director James Comey — who quoted the Bible after General Flynn pleaded guilty to his charges (Amos 5:24: “But let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”) — and the bad actors in the FBI generally may want to get together to have a drink, reminisce on the halcyon days of secretly investigating, trying, and convicting members of the Trump Administration, and sing what surely will be….

The (Obama) FBI’s New Theme Song!

“The Perjury Trap”
(sung to the tune of the 1955 song “(Love is) The Tender Trap”…with apologies!)

You’ll see a pair of FBI
And suddenly we’re by your side
You’re thinking nothing’s wrong
You play along, boy, then snap!

Surprise, those guys, they’re part of the Perjury Trap!

Our agents leave and disappear
And you believe you’re free and clear
You’re feeling all relaxed, because you gave just the facts

We’re gone, you’re wrong, that’s part of the Perjury Trap!

Some starry night, when we show up at your doorstep
We’ll cuff you tight, and the media will call you “suspect”

And all the time we seemed so nice
Our agents acted quite polite
You’re hurried off to jail, and gonna face a trumped-up rap

You’re hooked, you’re cooked, you’re caught in the Perjury Trap!

Some starry night, when we give an ultimatum
We’ll hold you tight, and we’ll then demand cooperation

And all at once it seems so clear
We want to make you disappear
We’ll take you in a car to Arkansas for a “nap”

And then you wonder how it all came about
It’s too late now there’s no getting out
You talked to us, and we are a Perjury Trap!

Original Song: “(Love is) The Tender Trap”, 1955, Music by Jimmy Van Heusen, Lyrics by Sammy Cahn, Copyright Frank Sinatra – Hal Leonard Corporation

Bonus: Watch Frank Sinatra sing it!

Thanks for Reading! (and, don’t get caught in a Perjury Trap :-) )

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