We’re “Warriors of the Wastland”, Said Frankie

While taking my convertible out for a 90 mph excursion leisurely jaunt along my billboard-straight, nearly level, mostly empty multi-lane highway I heard this song on my stereo and thought…

It’s Frankie

…who may have figured out how the World works “way back” in 1986:

Warriors of the Wasteland- Frankie Goes to Hollywood
(excerpt, from the album “Liverpool”)

“It seems to be that the powers that be
Keep themselves in splendor and security
Armored cars for our megastars
No streets, no bars, your wealth is ours!
They make the masses, kiss their assets
Lower class jackass, pay me tax take out the trash
Working for the world go round
Your job is gold, do as you’re told
They pay you less then run for Congress…”

That song sure brought me back to a simpler, more optimistic, happier, Conservative time.

And, I noticed this version of the lyrics left out the last two lines of the song, which hopefully won’t be the most relevant to today’s viral situation:

“We’re rats in a cage
Suicide a go-go.”

Made me wonder if the band was prescient or simply familiar with history.

For those who want to reminisce, or discover the 1980′s anew, here’s the official 1986 music video “Warriors”, by Frankie Goes to Hollywood:

Thanks for Reading! (And, thank you, Frankie!)

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