2020′s “Book of the Year”?

Created by Democratic Socialist Citizen Comrades in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, based on banned-in-the-USA research funded in part by the US National Institutes of Health under former (P)resident Obama’s (B)administration, with a Forward by a powerful but modest leader rumored to resemble the lovable character “Winnie the Pooh“, and rumored to have existed since late November 2019, this book is an informative, emotional, tell-all blockbuster destined to hit the top of Bestseller lists as soon as it’s published!

China's Little Red Book

Title: “China’s Little Red Virus”

Why? Just read just some of the many pre-publication reviews!

“When a US Congressional panel reported to the Obama Administration in 2015 that a bio-attack could happen ‘within the next five years‘ I though they were sick. Who would have thought just four year later they’d be right and we’d all be the ones to get sick?”

- Mr. Keeler Vyris, Mooseantler MN

“It’s both amazing and well-contained! Every single person in the world should get it, even if it means getting it from your friends, relatives, or even total strangers!”

- World Health Organization

“Once I picked it up I just couldn’t get it out of my system! It left me breathless!”

- NYC Nursing Home Patient #111,407 (deceased)

“This is even better than ‘World War Z”…it’s ‘World War Xi”! Shame it doesn’t have more illustrations, I’m fascinated by Chinese art!” 

- Suzy Pantone McBeth, Soho NYC, NY

“I just stopped reading it and can’t wait to see the movie…as long as it’s in a theater where everything is sanitized, the seats are at least six feet apart, and the audience is wearing pressurized full-containment biohazard suits…or, just stream it to my TV, but keep everyone else away!”

- Pahr A. Noya, Bunkerville TX

Look for it at your bookstore…assuming bookstores even survive when the economy fully re-opens, people still read books, and this fictional book ever gets published ;-)

(Note: Source of original “Little Red Book” cover used to create a derivative work: Estate of Mr. Paul Knoll, http://www.paulnoll.com/China/Mao/Red-Book-mine-1.html )

Thanks for Reading! (and, please don’t censor me, Baidu, it’s just satire!)

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